URGENT NOTICE: There has been a breach in the mayor's email account and messages have been sent with a link asking for an approval review. If you receive an email from mayor@westfrankfort-il.gov with a message similar to that, do NOT open any attachments or click any links in that email. Our IT team is working on resolving the issue and we will provide notice here when the situation has been resolved. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
7 days ago, Tim Arview
Please note that trash pickup will proceed as scheduled tomorrow. If you are normally scheduled for your trash to be picked up on Thursdays, your trash will be picked up tomorrow.
12 days ago, Jessica Levanti
Trash Route
City Hall will be closed on Thursday July 4th, 2024 in observance of Independence Day. We will return to work on July 5th with normal business hours.
13 days ago, Jessica Levanti
July 4th Closing
Public Notice: Please share~ We are aware of more groups of solicitors in the area. Again, at this time we only have one permit out and that is for Clearwave to go door to door. Prolux or any other solar company is not approved to be out soliciting in West Frankfort. If someone comes to your door other than Clearwave, please call the West Frankfort Police Department Non-Emergency line at 618-937-3502 to report them.
13 days ago, City Clerk
Solicitor Permits
Here is the schedule of fireworks events in southern Illinois. Thanks to Swinford Media and WFCN News for compiling this list.
21 days ago, Tim Arview
Fireworks schedule for southern Illinois
Please note that trash pickup will proceed as scheduled tomorrow. If you are normally scheduled for your trash to be picked up on Wednesdays, your trash will be picked up tomorrow.
27 days ago, Tim Arview
West Frankfort trash pickup map
Bulldog holiday schedule
Here is the map and address list for West Frankfort city-wide yard sales this weekend.
about 1 month ago, Tim Arview
Map of WF city-wide yard sales
Legend for map of WF city-wide yard sales
Happy National Flag Day 2024!
about 1 month ago, Tim Arview
Happy National Flag Day 2024
about 1 month ago, City Clerk
Please join area chambers of commerce at the Eagles Nest At The Lake for an Open House/Ribbon Cutting. There will be refreshments, a Scavenger hunt, and much more fun. Come out and see the beauty of this event location on West Frankfort Lake. The Eagles Nest team has created a family-friendly venue that fits everyone's needs. He has a stage, cabins, kitchen, and more! Come and tour the property, join in on the scavenger hunt to win a 2-night stay in one of the beautiful cabins. Take the opportunity to meet with the staff, network with members from the Benton/West City Area, Marion, and West Frankfort Chamber of Commerce, and pick up some information you can share with friends and family.
about 1 month ago, Tim Arview
Eagles Nest at the Lake Open House and Ribbon Cutting June 11 3pm to 7pm
NEW ELECTRIC RATES ANNOUNCED Last week Ameren IL announced their new price-to-compare for the summer service under their Basic Generation Service for electric supply. The new price-to-compare will be $0.08136/kWh from Ameren’s BGS-1 electric supply service this summer (June 1, 2024 – September 30, 2024). The non-summer numbers will not be official until late September for the period of October 1, 2024 – May 31, 2025. Obviously, this summer rate from Ameren comes in lower than our negotiated aggregation rate with Homefield Energy of $0.091/kWh. Opt-out letters have been sent for any resident who wishes to do so. However, it is advisable NOT to opt out at this time, because the savings you get at other times of the year more than make up for the increase now. Residents may, of course opt out now and then opt back in later, bit you may be required to wait a full 12 months before opting in again. This can mean you lose any potential savings later. Below is a list of frequently asked questions about electric aggregation. You may also contact Homefield Energy or AGE directly. Their contact information is below. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS What is the new electric aggregation rate from Homefield Energy? The new rate will be $0.091/kWh as part of the aggregation program from Homefield Energy. This is a 12-month fixed rate from July 1, 2024 to June 30, 2025. What is Ameren’s price-to-compare? Ameren’s price to compare for their Residential Basic Generation Service for electric supply will be $0.08136/kWh from June 1st to September 30th. Their non-summer rate will be officially announced towards the end of September for the period of October 1st to May 31st. If I opted-out of the aggregation program last fall, do I have to opt-out again this time? Yes, residents who opted out under a previous rate but are still eligible for the aggregation program and received an opt-out letter would have to opt-out again from the new rate to avoid being automatically enrolled in the aggregation program. Opt-out letters are mailed to all eligible residents every time the aggregation rate changes, regardless of whether you opted-out of a previous aggregation rate or not. If I do not opt-out by the June 19th deadline, will I have to stay in the aggregation program? No. Residents can opt-out of the program at any time by calling Homefield Energy at 866-694-1262. There is no penalty or early termination fee for residents to opt-out of the aggregation program after having already been enrolled. If I opt-out of the aggregation program now, can I rejoin the aggregation later? If you have been participating in the aggregation program with Homefield Energy as your electric supplier and opt-out now, then you may have to remain on a minimum stay period with Ameren for 12 months before you are eligible to rejoin the aggregation program. If Ameren is currently your electric supplier and you opt-out now, you should be able to rejoin the aggregation program at any time. Who should I contact if I wish to opt-out of the program? Homefield Energy handles all enrollments in and out of the aggregation program. Please call Homefield at 866-694-1262 if you wish to not participate in the aggregation program.   Is there someone else I can speak with about other questions I have about this program? Our community works with AGE as our consultant for our aggregation program. Jordan Haarmann is our primary point of contact with AGE. He can be reached at 618-203-8328 or jordan.h@agellc.com. What is being done to help lower costs in the future for the aggregation programs? SIAP Solar Inc. is a non-profit that has been formed with the purpose of building solar arrays throughout Southern Illinois that will directly benefit our aggregation program. These solar arrays will take advantage of government incentive dollars for renewable energy to be built at lower costs. Once constructed, the solar arrays will begin generating bill credits to residents participating in the aggregation program.
about 1 month ago, Tim Arview
Homefield Energy logo
ATTENTION there is only one Solicitor Permit that has been issued by the City of West Frankfort. That is for Clearwave only. Please report any solicitors coming to your door to the WF Police Dept on the non emergency line 618-937-3502 or Call City Hall at 618-937-4512.
about 1 month ago, City Clerk
No soliciting without Permit
Attention West Frankfort residents, our Street Department Crew is out all over town picking up storm debris. Please stack neatly on the curb and they will pick it up as soon as possible. It is going to take some time, so please be patient. Thank you!
about 2 months ago, City Clerk
Storm debris pickup
Happening today!
3 months ago, Tim Arview
Franklin County job fair
The BOIL ORDER HAS BEEN LIFTED for the following area. From West Poplar Street North to West 7th Street. Between Shawnee Street and North Taft (Including Razer Drive)
3 months ago, Jessica Levanti
Boil Order Lifted
The following highlighted area is under a BOIL ORDER until further notice. From West Poplar Street North to West 7th Street. Between Shawnee Street and North Taft (Including Razer Drive)
3 months ago, City Clerk
Boil Water Order
Boil Order
We're looking forward to the Old King Coal Parade on May 11th! Come out and join us at 2:00pm.
3 months ago, City of West Frankfort
We will be holding a city council meeting on Tuesday, April 23rd!
3 months ago, City of West Frankfort