Street Department

(618) 932-3262  

Commissioner: Roger Stanley                                  

Street Superintendent: Michael Bonner

The department of Streets and Public Improvements maintains the streets, ditches, sidewalks and alleyways within the city limits of West Frankfort only. This department is also responsible for maintaining traffic control street markers, snow and ice removal, and clearing and maintaining storm drains.


  • The city provides free service to pick up limbs and yard waste that is cut and put on the curbside.  Call City Hall at (618) 932-3262, provide your address and crews will get to you as quickly as possible.

  • The city does not pick up entire trees that have been dropped and cut into sections. Residents can haul such items to the city burn area on their own for no fee.

Burn Area

  • The burn area is located north on Route 37 just south of the shooting range and west of the city's sewage plant. The city burn area is for residential and municipal use only. NO COMMERCIAL DUMPING is allowed and no item other than yard waste is permitted. Violators will be fined $750 for a first offense.  Ordinance - City Burn Area

  • Burn area hours vary. If you need access to the burn area, please contact city hall and request the gate be unlocked for your use.

Street Sweeping

  • The city's goal is to clean the streets each Friday during low traffic hours.


  • Residents are not permitted to tear out their own sidewalks without permission from the city. Requests to tear out existing walks can be made by contacting city hall.

  • Residents wanting to replace their sidewalks will be responsible for the cost of concrete, and the city will provide the labor. Jobs will be scheduled by the city and based on available workers and time.

  • Handicapped residents needing sidewalk assistance and those living near dangerous walks are urged to contact City Hall about options for replacement.


  • Residents wishing to have ditches tiled can do so by contacting City Hall. Residents will purchase tile and material, and the city will provide the labor. Jobs will be scheduled by the city based on available workers and time.

  • If the city is forced to create a ditch in an area that restricts a resident's ability to get to their home or driveway, the city will work with the homeowner on the tile to help alleviate the burden from the resident.


  • The city mows and maintains city-owned property only. The city does not service private property except in extreme situations. In those cases, the cost to mow private property will include: hourly wages for multiple employees for time spent, fuel for vehicles, legal fees for collection of bill and leins, and code violation charges and fines as they apply.

  • For complaints or questions about private property mowing and mowing ordinances, please contact the Code's Officer.